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Natalee Finn

Psychic / Medium

spiritual Healer

Psychic coach

Angel Intuitive

Hello and a warm heartfelt welcome! 

I am Natalee and it's so wonderful to be able to connect with you. 

Thank you everyone for your requests for bookings and thank you so much for your patience to see me. If you would like to have a session with me or keep an eye on what spiritual events and workshops are coming up, please check out my website. 


 Infinite blessings of light and gratitude to you.

Natalee xx



To contact Natalee, please visit her website or email: and one of her team will reply to you.  If you have a appointment with Natalee, please refer to your confirmation email.

Future Workshops

The next workshop that Natalee is facilitating is ' Ignite Your Intuition' on 25 June 2023.  

To Book :

For payment plans, please email Natalee -

Past Workshops


Spirit Guides Workshop Online - 2nd October 2022 (SOLD OUT)

Spring Time Flower Magic Event - 15 October 2022 (IN PERSON) (SOLD OUT)


Fake Accounts on social media

Please be discerning about any fake accounts on social media during this time, as I won't have capacity to respond to any messages about this. However, I appreciate you taking action and reporting them to keep everyone safe. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Please remember that I will never reach out to you via social media (or other platforms) to offer a reading.

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I invite you to join me for this 2.5 hour online workshop dedicated to co-creating magic with the Universe. Dream Weaving is consciously deciding what your dreams, wishes and heart's desires are for your future and then magically weaving and manifesting them in a practical and spiritual way to bring them to life.

January is the perfect time at the beginning of a fresh new year to intuitively dream weave for your new year ahead. It is a holiday time for many which provides a spaciousness for our hearts to blissfully dream for the new year. You can begin fresh and this month holds a sacred energy which can greatly assist you to dream weave for the rest of the upcoming year.

This is the ideal time to make your year as energetically charged with all the delightful goodness you can possibly create. Be in flow so you can create magical experiences such as new and fulfilling relationships, calling in your higher purpose and exciting new abundant opportunities for yourself. For your new year, you can experience the higher energies of joy, love, peace and fulfillment in your life.

This is an online event designed to nurture your soul for the new year. A wonderful opportunity to share with like-minded souls who are wishing to weave magic into their lives. We will gather and celebrate with ceremony, ritual and spiritual practices in a safe and loving space to welcome in the new and fresh energy of 2023.

The Details:

⭐When: 15 January 2022

⭐Where: Online via Zoom

⭐Time: 2:00pm to 4.30 pm

⭐ Investment : $55

What's included in this event for you:

🕉️An opportunity to dream weave your wishes, goals and heart's desires for your New Year

🕉️ Learn 7 key spiritual principles to powerfully manifest

🕉️Channelled messages and insights about the year 2023 and what it means for you energetically.

🕉️Learn about the spiritual significance of the sacred dream catcher

🕉️Create a 2023 dream board for your soul

🕉️Receive tools, workbooks and journal prompts to keep you motivated and on track for the year of 2023

🕉️Blissful guided meditation to manifest and create your dreams

🕉️Manifestation and spiritual practices to enlighten your spirit

🕉️Connection with like-minded people

This event is open to all who wish to deepen their spiritual practices and dream weave the life they wish for.

I hope to see you there !



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