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Natalee Finn

Psychic / Medium

spiritual Healer & Teacher

Psychic coach

Angel Intuitive

Hello and a warm heartfelt welcome! 

I am Natalee and it's so wonderful to be able to connect with you. 

Thank you for your requests for bookings and thank you so much for your patience to see me. If you would like to have a session with me or keep an eye on what spiritual events and workshops are coming up, please check out my website. 


 Infinite blessings of light and gratitude to you.

Natalee xxx


To contact Natalee, please visit her website or email: and one of her team will reply to you.  If you have a appointment with Natalee, please refer to your confirmation email.


Please visit the bookings page to book your session with Natalee.

Events and Workshops

For all the latest workshops, events, courses and women's circles, please visit my Events page.


Fake Accounts on social media

Please be discerning about any fake accounts on social media during this time, as I won't have capacity to respond to any messages about this. However, I appreciate you taking action and reporting them to keep everyone safe. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Please remember that I will never reach out to you via social media (or other platforms) to offer a reading.

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New Event

Join me as I share my knowledge, tips and guidance that I have gathered over the last 20 years to help you to expand your own intuitive connection with your Spirit Guides.

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