How To Confirm Your Booking

To book in with Natalee please click on the service below that you wish to book.

Natalee offers face to face readings and virtual readings (via Zoom, Skype or Facebook Messenger upon special request).

​A booking confirmation email will be sent at the time of booking and if you opt in to receive a text reminder, a reminder text will be sent  to the mobile number provided 24-48 hours prior to your reading.

Please note that all face to face services are undertaken within Canberra, ACT Australia. The address will be provided in your confirmation email.


Natalee is back doing face to face sessions and still also provides virtual sessions.

Payments are processed 24-48 hours prior to your reading through a secure payment system.

For all virtual readings please ensure that your details are supplied at time of booking.

All booking times are Australian Eastern Time (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne).

If you are unable to make your appointment please promptly reschedule through the booking system so that the time available may be utilised by somebody else. Natalee has a large number of booking requests and would be grateful for your assistance.

All Readings are $188 for 55mins and $100 for 25mins.

Skype Readings and Chakra Therapy are only available in 55min time slots.