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"I had a wonderful reading with Natalee today. She connected with my Nanna and Poppa. I am always looking for validation they are with me. She gave me that and more. I came away feeling so light and comfortable with the path i am on. I also feel more open to my own intuition she assures me is already there. I so look forward to seeing her again. Natalee is such a lovely lady and was amazed at how she connects." - M.S

"I had my first ever reading with Natalee yesterday. She connected with my late father immediately. It was totally amazing. Connecting with him was so special and he was able to tell me things and answer questions. I have so much more clarity about many things now. Thank you Natalee for a beautiful reading." - M.O

"Had my first psychic reading with Natalee at an MBS festival and she really helped me with certain answers I had with everything. She is kind, gentle and very beautiful inside and out. A great guide I feel like we were meant to meet. Walked away with a happy, anxious but excited mind and my cards were on point." - L.V

"I was very fortunate to find Natalee at a health and wellbeing expo in canberra a few years ago and cannot recommend enough what this amazing woman can do for you. I always walk away after time with Natalee with more clarity and a greater sense of purpose. Her ability to receive messages from spirits is remarkable and has brought great comfort to me in troubling times. Thanks so much for sharing your gift Natalee and i look forward to more sessions in the future." - N.M

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"I had my reading with Natalee at the mind body and spirit festival. Firstly she has a genuine kind heart and soul that radiates. My reading couldn't have gone better connecting to passed family members and life guidance on situations that were currently happening. (You mentioned a car accident and I spoke to my partner after the show and he had crashed his car the night before). Thank you so much for your time and sharing your gift with me. I hope to see you again soon xx" - A.P

"I was fortunate to have a reading with Natalee yesterday. Wow! She is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met. Her intuition, guidance and healing spirit has given my family and I so much peace. I cannot wait to see her again and take my daughter too. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Natalee, it has meant so much to us." - L.H

"I was lucky enough to meet Natalee a few years ago. Since meeting Natalee and experiencing her amazing gift I can say that my life is moving in positive directions everyday! Not only has Natalee's insight assisted me to move out of a toxic work environment, into the positive encouraging environment I have always sought, but Natalee has helped me grow both mentally and spiritually. In doing so Natalee has helped me strengthen my relationship with my partner and help guide us into a positive future. Everytime I see Natalee I feel like I have one more piece of my life puzzle put in place.
I look forward to visiting with Natalee again soon. xoxo" - R.W

"So grateful to have received a reading from Natalee at The Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney on the weekend, thank you so much, I was and am amazed how much you knew, connecting with my family and guiding me through this difficult time at the moment, and yes my grandmother did leave my mother a gold wedding ring with a red stone when she passed away, which I will connect with before my surgery in 6 weeks, once again thank you so much" - L.C

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