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  • How do I book an appointment?
    To make an appointment simply select the BOOKINGS button at the top of the page, choose a service you are looking for and follow the prompts.
  • How do I know you have received my appointment information?
    You will receive a confirmation email which contains all the relevant information about your appointment.
  • How do I reschedule or cancel my appointment?
    To change or cancel your appointment, click the link in your confirmation email and follow the prompts to make the required changes.
  • Cancellations for Workshops?
    If you cancel before 48 hrs there is a possibility that we can fill your spot, and in this instance you are then welcome to use your credit to book into another workshop. However, if you cancel within 48 hrs of the workshop you will forfeit your payment. If Natalee Finn cancels the workshop / session your credit is 100% secure.
  • How do I know what appointment times are available?
    Once you have selected a service, you will see a calendar with all available appointment times clearly displayed.
  • I don’t live in Canberra, can I still make a booking to connect with Natalee?
    Natalee does readings both nationally and internationally. Select a service, choose a time that suits but be mindful of the time differences both in Australia and internationally.
  • Why do Natalee’s sessions go for 55 minutes?
    This is to ensure Natalee has time in-between sessions to prepare for her next client, as she is often doing back to back sessions.
  • Can I bring someone to the appointment with me?
    Natalee’s sessions are focused as a one-person session. This is to ensure the person she is reading for receives the messages. Under special circumstance, upon contacting Natalee you may be able to bring an additional person with you.
  • What is Natalee’s cancellation policy?
    Under Natalee’s terms and conditions on her website, you are able to cancel your appointment up to 48 hours prior.If you cancel within this timeframe, you will be required to pay for the full session amount. At Natalee’s discretion she may reschedule an appointment at no extra charge, however this is not guaranteed.
  • Am I allowed to bring items to the reading?
    Yes, you are most welcome to bring along items, such as photos or jewellery if you would like to the session (even virtually).
  • What time should I arrive for my appointment?
    Please arrive promptly for your appointment as there is appointments either side of your time. For Psychic Readings and Healing Sessions payment will be charged to your credit card 72hours prior to the appointment. Please ensure there is money available on your card when payments are processed. Thank you.
  • What does an empowering psychic reading involve?
    A psychic reading can be incredibly healing, enlightening and assist you to make positive life changes. A good reading will provide accurate psychic insights and guidance to help you feel truly empowered, uplifted and inspired to make the best decisions for your life. The tips below will help guide you on how to choose the best psychic or medium for you so you can gain the most out of your reading experience.
  • What’s the difference between psychic and mediumship readings?
    Psychic readings involve the psychic giving you clear messages about the past, present or future or a combination of all three by tuning into your ‘aura’ or ‘energy field’. They may also use psychic tools such as oracle cards. Often psychics will predict possible pathways that are most likely to occur for you. A mediumship reading is when the medium connects with the spirit world, to link in with a loved one who has departed and then provides evidence, detailed information and healing messages. All mediums have psychic abilities, however not all psychics are mediums.
  • Why is it important to clear your mind and relax?
    Before the reading take time to clear your mind, relax and ground your energy, if possible. Go for a walk in nature, meditate or even take a few deep breaths and call in white light prior to attending a psychic session. If you are peaceful and calm, it will help the flow of the session.
  • How can you make the most out of your reading?
    To make the most out of your reading experience, come with an open heart and mind. A skilled psychic or medium will help you to relax at the beginning of the session and let you know you are in a safe, supportive, comfortable and confidential environment. A reading is a three-way interactive conversation with Spirit. The conversation is between you, the psychic and the spirit world. Have questions prepared prior that you would like answered or think about the areas of your life on which you are seeking guidance on. Psychic messages will come through, however the spirit world always likes to answer your questions and encourages you to actively participate. A powerful psychic reading will provide you with the most helpful and relevant messages, assist you to obtain clarity, gain awareness, provide insights and allow you to experience healing messages.
  • What Should I do if I feel nervous prior to my reading?
    If you feel nervous try to relax and let go of any fear or doubt before you arrive at your reading. The energy of the session will always be better when you are relaxed and open. There is a way to rationalise anything and everything in life, so try not be closed off or fearful of what may come through. Be open to possibilities, healing messages and what you may not feel or see tangibly. An example of this is Love. Love is real, yet we cannot always see it or scientifically prove it – it is felt with the heart.
  • Can timeframes change in the context of readings?
    Readings are given to you at a point in time, so it is possible, through free will, to change the course of your pathway at any given time. You have creative freedom and the gift of free will to pave your own destiny. It is important to understand that it is our personal responsibility to make our own life choices. The psychic isn’t responsible for fixing your life or making decisions for you either. A psychic will deliver clear messages so you can make empowering life choices for yourself. It is imperative that you co-create with the Universe to make your own life the best it can possibly be and take action steps to achieve this. Finally, psychic mediumship readings can be incredibly healing and provide hope.When the psychic or medium focuses on service to Spirit and how the messages are for your highest good, that’s when the most helpful, relevant and life changing readings happen.
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