Natalee has extensive experience and qualifications in the services below.


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Psychic / Mediumship Readings
In her readings Natalee will help you to gain clarity to questions needing answers or provide advice on your life path, relationships, career and other facets of your life. Natalee is also a very talented medium and can help you to connect with loved ones in the spirit world.
Usui Reiki
Natalee has over 13 years of experience with Usui Reiki which compliments her natural healing abilities and qualifications in Holistic Healing. Natalee utilises the Usui Reiki within her Chakra Balancing healings. Natalee is trained by the Canberra Usui Reiki Network.
Psychic Mentoring
Psychic Mentoring involves one on one sessions with Natalee to help you explore your intuition & expand your psychic abilities.
Chakra Balancing
This treatment gently but powerfully re-balances your Seven Chakras and will include Crystal Therapy, Usui Reiki and Aura Cleansing. This is a fantastic way to re-energise your bodies energy centres and help remove blockages and increase your bodies natural energy flow.
Oracle Cards
Natalee utilises a range of different Oracle Cards  within her Psychic Readings to get specific messages for her clients. Natalee intuitively works with Spirit to deliver powerful messages for clients, ensuring the most relevant and healing messages are presented.
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