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Ignite Your Intuition - 18 FEBRUARY 2024

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Step into your light and power. Embrace your inner mystic and ignite your intuition in this one day intuitive and spiritual development workshop. I suggest registering early as there are limited spots available for this in-person event.

The Details:

When: 18 February 2024

Where: Canberra, ACT (Denman Prospect Community Centre)

Time: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm

To secure your spot, register below:

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This mystical and magical day will comprise of 4 intuitive and spiritual sessions:

1. The Spiritual path of the Mystic 

• What is a mystic and understanding the spiritual journey of the Soul

• How to live an intuitive and mystical life

• Awakening your own Inner mystic

• The way of the heart - honouring your emotions and energy

2. Accessing Wisdom from Past Lives

• Natalee is trained in past life regression healing and will guide you on

   on a deep spiritual journey into a past life to uncover wisdom and

   ancient knowledge for your spiritual growth.


3. The Magic of Oracle Cards

• Learn to read Oracle cards using your intuition. Practice mystical

   oracle card layouts and spreads for others and yourself. 

• Receive insightful intuitive guidance, answers and messages for areas

   of your life

• This also includes LIVE readings and demonstrations with Natalee.

   It also includes a Q & A session. 


4.  Discovering Your Soul Path

• This session is designed to help you understand what is your soul

   purpose, pathway and destiny this lifetime.

• You will also have the opportunity to dissolve barriers or blocks you

   may have been experiencing. Natalee will guide you through spiritual

   practices so you can follow your heart and your own unique pathway.

   It is never too late to live a life you love.

This course includes :

- Mystical meditations

- All course materials (including journal, pen, crystal)

- Nourishing and uplifting refreshments. All meals included-  morning tea,

  a generous lunch and afternoon tea, herbal teas and fresh water

- Dietary Requirements catered for where possible

- Connection with like-minded people

- Private online Facebook Group for ongoing support


- $444 Payment plans available (please email Natalee for this option)

Payment Options:

- Full Payment of $444, or:

- Two x payments of $222 or

- Three x payments of $148 

(Please note there is is a non-refundable deposit of $148)

This event is open to all who wish to deepen their spiritual practices and connect to their inner Mystic. This course has limited places to ensure there is a personalised approach. I suggest booking in early to avoid missing out as there are limited spots for this IN PERSON event with me.

To inquire about payment plans --- email

PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM BOX FOR YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAILS. Please also contact me via email if you haven't received your confirmation email prior to the day.

About Natalee:

NATALEE FINN is a Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach. She has taught thousands of people to connect with their intuition and delivers healing messages from Spirit both across Australia and Internationally.


To find out more about Natalee, please visit-

I hope to see you there in sacred circle!

Love and blessings,


Copy of Copy of Spritual Self-Care.png

Spiritual Self Care – Energy Workshop

You are invited to this 2.5 hour online workshop to learn the sacred practices of energetic and spiritual self-care. Caring for your personal energy every day is vital for your overall holistic health, well-being and happiness. 


I have a passion for teaching others about the significant role energy plays in our lives. This workshop has been created to help teach you how to increase your vibration, clear and cleanse your own personal energy field and feel clarity and lightness in your life. You will also be provided with a wide variety of energetic practices to assist you in your everyday life so you can feel inspired, energised and full of vital life-force energy. 


Emotional and spiritual well-being plays an enormous role in our lives. Dedicating time to understanding and practicing regular energetic and spiritual self-care provides numerous benefits such as clarity, increased well-being, a clear energy field, direction, calmness, strength and serenity in our lives. 


If you experience the following, this workshop would be perfect for you:  


 - Are an empath or sensitive soul who feels everything and would like to learn how to feel

   uplifted and energised 

 - You feel drained in certain environments or situations 

 - You have trouble knowing what's your energy or what's others energy 

 - You would like to learn spiritual practices, strategies or ways to manage the energy of

   relationships or situations. 


In this workshop you will learn: 


- The different types of energies that exist such as thought forms, energy cords and energetic

  attachments and how to dissolve these energies 

- Energetic techniques and practices to increase your vibration and increase your energy in life 

- Learn ancient healing and medicine rituals with essential oils, crystals, herbs and plants 

- Effective energy practices for your aura, chakras and personal energy body 

- How to transform and transmute fear and lower vibrating energy 

- How to ground and anchor your energy to the Earth Mother 

- How to invoke the Angels, Gods and Goddesses and Higher Beings to purify your energy  

- Why regular energetic self-care and spiritual self-care is essential in your life 

- Meditation to increase your energy flow 


WHERE: Online 

WHEN: (UPCOMING - Date to be released soon) 


This evening will also be recorded and available as a replay.  


Natalee Finn - Psychic Medium

Spirit Guides Online course.png




I am delighted to now be offering this online workshop for you all! I invite you to spend the day with me discovering who your Spirit Guides are and connecting with them on a deep level.

This workshop has been created so that anyone around the World can connect in with their Spirit Guides intuitively and be a part of a warm, loving and supportive community.

What you will learn:

✨Who are your Spirit Guides- including your Animal Guides, your Ascended Master and Angelic guides, your Personal Guide and your Nature Spirit Guides

✨How to meet and clearly communicate with your Spirit Guides

✨How to receive messages from your Guides through your intuition and senses and how to set up your Spirit Guide altar

✨How to develop a relationship with your Guides and trust their energy

✨How your Guides can assist you here in this lifetime

✨Practices to quieten your mind, lift your vibration and to listen to your Spirit Guides

✨Deepen your spiritual relationship with your existing guides

What you will receive:

✨ Information about Spirit Guides and what realms and dimensions they reside in

✨A guided meditation to meet your Spirit Guides

✨Spiritual practices to raise your vibration to meet with your Guides

✨Intuitive exercises to connect you with your Guides

✨A guided practice on how your Spirit Guides can answer your life questions

✨Spirit Guide Readings and Channelings with Natalee

✨Opportunities to ask questions

✨Connect with like-minded intuitive souls in a loving and healing environment

⭐Special Inclusion ⭐


For every person in this workshop Natalee will tune into your soul energy to help you discover your Guides. As part of this workshop you will receive a personalised email prior to the day including:

- Which Ascended Master Guide /Angelic Guides are working with you

- Your Animal Spirit Guide

- Which crystals can help you amplify your intuitive connection with your Guides

This workshop is open to all levels of experience and will be conducted in a safe, sacred and loving environment.

There are a limited number of spots available for this workshop, so I recommend you secure your spot so you don't miss out !

The Details :

FORMAT – ONLINE workshop (Zoom)

DATE - 2 October 2022

TIME - 10.30 am till 3.30pm (with breaks)

Spring Time Flower magic event facebook cover.jpg

I am beyond excited to share this brand new offering from my heart with you !

Join me for this very special Springtime inspired Flower Oracle Event. You're invited to come together to celebrate Spring and the magic of flowers. This event has been created with heartfelt intention to awaken the light within, nurture your soul and revive your spirit.

We will gather and celebrate in sacred circle, with ceremony and ritual in a safe and loving space to welcome in the season of Spring at this floral event.

What's included in this event for you:

  • Soulful springtime inspirational messages

  • Flower Oracle Card Readings

  • Flower messages for your Soul

  • Magic flower offerings

  • Blissful guided meditation to awaken the flower of your heart

  • Spiritual practices to enlighten your spirit


During this this event you will also receive:

  • A delicious nature inspired afternoon tea (with botanical infused drinks, savory delights and edible flower cakes)

  • A beautiful take home gift bag for your soul

  • Connection with like-minded people


The Details :

Where - In person at a new Canberra Location (given upon booking)

DATE - 15 October 2022

TIME - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

I suggest booking in early to avoid missing out as there are limited spots for this in person event.

This will truly be a one of a kind, beautiful event to nurture your soul in the Springtime. A wonderful event to share with friends, soul sisters and alike.

This event is open to all who wish to deepen their spiritual practices, bask in the renewal of Springtime energy and for those who would like to gift themselves an afternoon to enjoy the mysticism and magic of the flower oracle.

I hope to see you there in sacred circle!

Springtime love and blessings,


Welcome to Unlock Your Intuitive Superpowers!


I have no doubt that your intuition and soul has guided you to connect with me and I cannot wait to help you shine your light.  Do you receive intuitive insights, messages or sense energy?  This is an opportunity to open up your intuitive gifts and connect with like-minded souls. This online course has been created so you can access your own intuitive super powers to accelerate your spiritual and intuitive growth, live a divinely inspired life and increase your confidence in your natural abilities. 

Copy of Unlock Your Intuitive Superpowers Kajabi (1280 x 720 px).jpg
Week One Unlock Your Intuitive Superpowers.png
Week Two  Unlock Your Intuitive Superpowers.png
Week 3 Unlock Your Intuitive Superpowers.png
Week 4 Unlock Your Intuitive Superpowers(1).png

Course Information

Welcome to Unlock Your Intuitive Superpowers! Your intuition and soul has guided you to connect with me and I cannot wait to help you shine your light. 

Do you receive intuitive insights, messages or sense energy?  This is an opportunity to open up your intuitive gifts and connect with like-minded souls. This online course has been created so you can access your own intuitive superpowers to accelerate your spiritual and intuitive growth, live a divinely inspired life and increase your confidence in your natural abilities. 

Course Details 

Where: Online with Natalee   

When: 8 February to 8 March 2022. The course is structured over 4 weeks with a mix of per-recorded learning content and special bonus LIVE online sessions each week with Natalee


This will be a deep and intuitive journey for those of you who are joining and once a certain amount of registrations are received, the course will close to ensure those attending can receive my full support. This will be the last opportunity to work with me in an in-depth way before I go on maternity leave.


You can join the online course for a one-time payment of $495 (EARLY BIRD SPECIAL). This early bird offer will only be available until 3 February when it will return to the normal course price of $595.  Please contact Natalee at for payment plan options

The Value You Receive 


*This course is absolutely incredible value as you will receive over 10 hours of online training, recorded meditations, intuitive workbook, and practice exercises.  This is designed for you in easy to do steps. 

* Plus, you will receive 4 LIVE online 1.5 hour classes as a special bonus in addition to the full course where you will be able to practice your skills and ask questions with Natalee.  (This alone is valued at $750)

*All relevant content will be available to you to complete for each week of the course.   

* The material is fun, easy, inspiring and packed full of juicy content. 



A Free LIVE 1.5 hour class will also be held at the end of each week which includes intuitive exercises for in-depth practice

An opportunity to integrate the learning of the week and have open discussions about the topic

An opportunity to ask Natalee questions and receive insights, feedback and ongoing learning

You will be able to meet and interact with the other course participants


*Recordings will also be available for each LIVE if you cannot make it 



Access to the Unlock Your Intuitive Superpowers Facebook Group 

Meet like-minded spiritual souls who are loving and supportive 

Receive ongoing support from the Facebook community 

This is a place where you can be accountable  

A place to ask questions and receive insights, feedback and ongoing learning


I can't wait to share with you my knowledge, tips and guidance that I have gathered over the last 20 years to help you to expand your own intuitive connection. No matter your level of experience, this will be an inclusive and supportive course where you are guided to learn and share your experiences with love. 

Love Natalee

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