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Third Eye Chakra Workshop

Third Eye Chakra Workshop

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I invite you on an exciting journey into your Third Eye Chakra so you can open, awaken, and magnify your intuition and expand your inner sight.  There are enormous benefits to opening your Third Eye and everyone is intuitive. This workshop is for people at every stage of their spiritual development and I will guide you to discover the energies of your own Third Eye, which is your inner Divine teacher. 


When your Third Eye Chakra is in alignment, you can see into invisible worlds, higher realms, different dimensions, and planes of light filled with pure love and high vibrational energies.   


The central purpose of this workshop is to support you to gently open your Third Eye Chakra and to release fear-based energies that prevent you from trusting your intuition.


You will be drawn to this online workshop if you are ready to: 


💜See the through the eyes of your soul 

💜Open your Third Eye and increase your ability to trust and flow with your intuition 

💜Gain access to higher realms, Light Beings, and Guides 

💜 Expand spirituality and discover the unseen 

💜 Increase your inner wisdom, Divine understanding, and inner guidance 

💜Open to new possibilities, knowledge, creativity, and inspiration 

💜To be more observant, in tune with your intuition and be more discerning of energy 

💜Receive messages and insights into the past, present and future 

💜Release over thinking and over-analysing, self-doubt or wanting to clear the mental fog. 

💜See yourself clearly and be willing to work all on yourself.


We will be having psychic fun with visualisations, practicing gazing into psychic art mandalas, doing intuitive exercises, doing deep into meditation, and experiencing intuitive readings.


This workshop is a sacred space where you will be guided to bring this chakra into alignment and explore your emotions and memories to heal from the past and present. 


BENEFITS include: 

-Opening your Third Eye Chakra to release energies 

- A discussion of the energy of chakras and specifically the Third Eye Chakra -A visual art healing Third Eye Chakra activation

-A Third Eye meditation to open your senses

-Third Eye Chakra healing exercises -Exercises to balance and heal your emotions and enhance your intuition -Identifying what an imbalanced or balanced Third Eye Chakra looks like 

-Tools, strategies, and movement exercises to unlock your Third Eye 

-Group Reading, Understanding what crystals, animals, herbs, essential oils, planet, sounds, elements, and body parts that govern the Third Eye Chakra. 


I look forward to seeing you in the Third Eye Chakra workshop!


Natalee Finn

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